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Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Sauna Therapy

Clinical research on FIR sauna therapy shows significant results.

FIR Sauna therapy appears to promote improved blood pressure in persons with hypertension. Significant reductions in systolic blood pressure have been reported from regular 15-30 minute FIR sauna sessions.

FIR sauna has been studied for obesity and hypertension. People in the study either exercised for 15 minutes with 30 minutes of FIR sauna or just exercised only three times per week for eight weeks. The subjects in the sauna group lost 1.8 times as much weight and 4.6 times as much body fat as the control group.

Body toxicity is at the root of most physical illnesses. The human body is regularly exposed to air-borne and food-borne contaminants, some of which are not readily expelled from the body. When toxic gases or heavy metal toxins, in the body, encounter a large cluster of water molecules, the molecules encapsulate and trap those contaminants. Over time, as toxic contaminants accumulate, they have a dilatory effect on normal body processes. Circulation is more encumbered, critical cell functions are impaired and biochemical processes become dysfunctional. The consequence of toxic contamination is illness.

Large water molecule clusters vibrate when they are exposed to FIR energy. As a result, they become broken into much smaller clusters and release trapped gases and toxins. Normally, toxins are removed from the body in the urine (through the kidneys) and in sweat. Studies of FIR saunas have demonstrated that the non-water portion of sweat from test subjects consisted of the following potentially harmful substances:


fat-soluble toxins

toxic heavy metals

sulfuric acid



uric acid

It is believed that FIR sauna therapy, such as that delivered by the Relax Sauna, is seven times more effective at removing environmental toxins through sweat than dry heat or steam saunas. Productive sweating is a feature of the Relax Sauna. Its narrow band of pure far infrared energy heats the body from the inside out. Repeated use of the Relax Sauna by people who do not sweat regularly, will gradually restore inactive skin's ability to sweat.

The FIR energy of the Relax Sauna is generally rehabilitative, or restorative. FIR energy interacts, in complex ways, with biological structures in the body, including cells, cell membranes, cell fluids (especially water), and DNA/proteins, and restores the normal functionality of those living systems, thereby, restoring the normal functionality of your health. The Relax Sauna immerses your body in a field of far infrared light and creates an efficient, therapeutic, and portable sauna experience that you can begin enjoying in as little as 30 seconds after turning it on, even while you are fully clothed!​

Relax Far Infrared Sauna

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