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Adversity breeds strength.

Faith in my craft is strengthened by tragedy.

In 2009 A dear friend was in a near-fatal motorcycle accident that damaged nearly his entire body.  He was in a medically induced coma for some time. It took every ounce of education, determination, and faith I had to help support his failing organ function as the surgeons and specialists in every department worked together alongside me tirelessly to save his life.  Years later we are still fighting for his complete recovery. The road has been long and paved with many obstacles as well as rewards.  During this journey, I  have learned so much and am ever so grateful to have the opportunity to share all of this knowledge and wisdom with those who seek it. 

An integrative approach has been most effective. Blending the best of all worlds, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology, Bodywork, Meditation, Mindfulness, Cranial Sacro Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Sound Therapy, Movement Therapy,  Energy Work, Breathwork, and Endermologie has allowed us to go where no one thought ever possible with modern medicine alone.  

With this in mind, I continue to listen and adapt to the individual needs of my clients continually learning, growing, and sharing more and more along the way. 

It is the love, support,  accountability, and encouragement from one another that built this tribe.

It is the reason we thrive. 

Our Tribe is honored and excited to be your tribe too! 

The Ha​zley Tribe

The Unity Wellness Studio Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey...Almost.

It all began in our first space in December of 2008

We had just enough space to add a small studio to teach. 

Since then we have moved into a beautiful centrally located area of North Phoenix . 

We are currently offering more therapies than ever so expansion is in our near future. 

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